Hi I’m Jenell, the (almost) everythinger behind Spruce & Linen. Welcome here!

About the Biz

Spruce & Linen is a business centred around modern frame loom weaving. Here you’ll find weaving looms, kits, tools & supplies, online weaving classes, and a ton of free weaving tutorials over on our YouTube channel.

About Me

I’m a fibre artist and entrepreneur working from my home in the prairies of Northern Alberta, Canada. 

Back in 2013 I graduated from the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design with a diploma in Fibre Arts, and a desire to turn my creative practice into a business. 

A few big life happenings (like getting married and designing and building our house), and a couple of day jobs later, Spruce & Linen was born as a side hustle. 

In late 2019, after a couple of years working for myself on the side, I took the leap and began working on Spruce & Linen full time. 

Spruce & Linen is now a leader in the frame loom weaving education space, and our weaving tools, especially our hand made tapestry needles have gained a lot of popularity in the weaving community. 

Our Tiny Team

My husband, Cody’s, role continues to grow in the business, he edits all of our YouTube and e-class videos, and also assists me in making our solid wood tapestry needles when he’s not working at his full time job.

My mom, Tammy, can also be found assisting me in the studio in busy seasons, and generally keeping our house from drowning in dog hair. 

Our 2 big dogs, Floyd & Nova, and our 2 cats, Gendry & Ygritte (yes those are Game of Thrones names ;) ) keep me on my toes daily and are somehow both my therapists and the ones that sometimes make me a little crazy. 

Thanks for stopping by, and happy weaving!