The River Weaving Course

The River Weaving Course

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 The River Weaving Course is an online, intermediate start-to-finish weaving course with a hint of DIY spirit. 

In this course I take you through the entire process of how to make one of my original pieces: The River Weaving!

*All sales of The River Weaving Course are final.* 

By purchasing the River Weaving Course, you are agreeing to the course terms & conditions as stated here.

Included in the course is apx. 2.5 hours of video instruction, photos, and a PDF pattern download. You will also get access to a private, students only Facebook group community where you are free to ask any and all questions regarding the course! A full detailed list of tools and supplies is also included.

*You will need an internet connection for all aspects of the course. The course will be best viewed on a larger screen than a smartphone, such as a tablet or computer.*

Please read carefully through the FAQ before purchasing. 


What size of loom do I need for the river weaving course?

You will need a frame loom with a width of at least 16” between side bars, and at least 20” high between the top and bottom beams.

The weaving is apx. 16” wide by 15” tall. When the weaving is on the loom, it cannot be blocked by the side beams, you will need at east 3” of space above the top of the weaving while on the loom that is not blocked by the top beam.

This course is taught on a loom with 4 epi (or notches that are 1/4” apart), also included in the course are video instructions on how to warp the 5epi Beka 20” Delux loom (which you can find for sale in the Spruce & Linen shop).

Are materials included?

No, however inside the course will be a full tools and supplies list. Read below for more information on tools and supplies. 

What yarns do I need?

A list of the exact yarns used for this weaving are included in the course, but you will need 4 different colours of Super Bulky (6) yarn, and one colour of Medium (4) yarn. All yarns can be purchased online or in store at a big box craft store, or you can choose your own!

What else will I need?

For straightening the fringe (if you want super straight fringe) you will need a small garment steamer, and I also recommend having a construction (stiff) measuring tape on hand. You will also need a hand, air, or electric upholstery stapler, along with staples, a staple remover, and side cutters or pliers. Optional tools/supplies include a drill and screws.
For the wood piece at the top of the weaving, you may have the option to purchase it pre-cut directly from me, or use the options and instructions outlined in the course.

How long is the course?

 The course includes approximately 2 1/2 hours of detailed video and instruction. This weaving usually takes me approximately 6 hours to complete. 

I'm new to weaving, can I take the course?

 This is an intermediate course, (with a hint of DIY) I recommend that you are already comfortable and confident with the basics before attempting the course such as warping, plain weave, twining, rya knots, geometric and organic shapes, and cutting fringe. And that you're not afraid to use a few hand and/or power tools.

What happens if I get stuck or have questions while going through the course?

Good news! With the purchase of the course you will also get access to a private Facebook group where you can ask any questions you may have and connect with me and other students!

 How long do I have to finish the course?

As long as you need! Once you have purchased the course you have lifetime access! (as defined in our terms of use) This is a work at your own pace course.

What languages is the course available in?

The River Weaving Course is only available in English, and does not include closed captioning.